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fountain pen nib Whether you are looking for a less expensive utilitarian fountain pen, or an expensive collector's pen, eBay is a great place to find fountain pens at competitive prices.  Both new and used fountain pens are available at the auction site.

While some dealers sell their fountain pens auction-style to the highest bidder, there are others who operate eBay storefronts that allow buyers to buy fountain pens immediately for a preset price.

While buying something auction-style without seeing it in person can be disconcerting for the eBay neophyte, most eBay sellers make the process easy.  The listing should show a photograph of the fountain pen, as well as list all of its characteristics, such as whether it is new or used.  Prospective buyers may also ask the seller questions about the fountain pen they are considering buying.

Furthermore, eBay's unique feedback system enables the buyer to see how the seller rates with other buyers, an important measure of the seller's reputability.  If you are looking for a fountain pen, eBay usually has a good selection and is likely to have a pen that suits your needs.

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Fountain Pens at eBay

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